Tailor made products

Next to the basic Humidur® products, Acotec, the manufacturer of Humidur®, has a fully equipped laboratory to find new tailor made solutions. All Humidur® products have the basic benefits, but may be adjusted according the client’s needs.

Examples of tailor-made Humidur® solutions are:

  • Extreme impact resistance
  • Very fast curing
  • Very slow curing (longer pot life for specific applications)
  • Any RAL-colour
  • Extreme high chemical resistance
  • Reduction of corrosion on mechanical damage
  • UV resistant topcoats
  • Custom made Humidur coatings in automated processes
  • Etc…

All tailor-made Humidur® products have the same benefits as the basic Humidur® coatings. They are 2-component epoxy coatings designed for durable and maintenance-free lifetime protection. The product is a single layer system with superior properties and is environmentally friendly.

Technical details about performance and application are available upon request or contact Acotec directly to discuss your situation.