User Friendly: All Humidur® coatings are single layer systems. The application can be done straight onto the substrate after surface preparation, which means that no primersare required. This makes the Humidur® coating probably the fastest applicable liquid epoxy on the market. There will be no risk of contamination between layers or problems with interadhesion.

If requested, several layers can be applied wet-on-wet without waiting time, as no individual layer needs separate curing because of the absence of solvents (WFT = DFT). This is in contrast to alternative solvent-based coatings, which are limited in layer thickness as solvents need to evaporate after every layer.

Other advantages of Humidur® include:

  • Capable of curing under water and at freezing temperatures: the structure may be submerged immediately after coating application
  • Can be applied in a relative humidity up to 95%
  • Humidur® is safe to work with: flashpoint > 100°C and even >120°C
  • Can be applied easily by spray, brush, roller or caulking variant