The Humidur® coatings were developed “avant-la-lettre” and were composed with a clear vision towards the future. The coatings contain no solvents, no heavy metals, no coaltar, no isocyanates, no VOC’s and no TBT. The product has 100% solids and is perfectly safe for the environment.

Humidur® is capable of curing under water without leaching taking place and has no detrimental effect on the sediment, fauna and flora in and out of the water. When using Humidur® on static marine structures, the biofilm can form itself on top of the Humidur® coating without affecting the substrate and without any loss of properties. For the anti-corrosion coatings, almost 30-year old coupons proved there is no migration of the corrosive elements towards the substrate. Humidur® stops biological corrosion and MIC without affecting or killing the bacteria.

Humidur® AF is the anti-fouling coating in the product range when the formation of a biofilm is unwanted.

As Humidur® is a single layer system, less waste will be created in the process.