Power Generation

Power Generation - Protective and marine coatings - Humidur

Humidur® has an extended product range suitable for various different energy-generating structures, including:

  • Hydropower penstocks
  • Hydropower plant turbines and intakes
  • Seawater intake pipelines for cooling of nuclear and electric power plants
  • Tidal and wave energy turbines
  • River flow turbines
  • Hydrokinetic turbines
  • Wind mills
  • Dams
  • Etc.

Humidur® is this industry’s product of choice due to its multiple advantages, making it highly desirable for objects requiring coating. Humidur® has high abrasion resistance for areas with a high water flow velocity. Humidur®’s perfectly smooth surface also improves velocity. Moreover, Humidur® has a wide range of properties which ensure optimal anti-corrosion solutions in use, such as extreme low ion permeability, availability in brush and spray formulas, perfect heat conductivity and resistance, availability in an anti-fouling formula to reduce biofouling, etc.