Petrochemical - Protective and marine coatings - Humidur

Humidur® is an environmentally safe product for use in highly aggressive chemical and corrosive environments. Humidur® corrosion protection is ideal for petrochemical structures such as pipelines, storage tanks and reservoirs, petroleum plants, chemical plants, oil & gas utilities, desalination plants, offshore platforms and storage facilities, biodiesel plants, etc. Both coating performance and coating application are safe processes as there are no volatile components and the flashpoint of the product is above 100°C. Moreover, Humidur® has over 30 years’ experience of working with such companies as Statoil, Shell, Texaco, Premier Oil, Talisman Energy, Esso, BP, Uniol, Petronas, etc.

In petrochemical environments, the largest projects often involve pipeline transportation. Billions of kilometers of pipeline are used all over the world for oil & gas transport. Acotec can supply and deploy pigging technology for in-situ cleaning and Humidur® application.

Acotec implements robotic technology for both internal smallbore coating application and welding joint corrosion treatment of new constructed pipelines. Product information and chemical resistance lists are available upon request.