Offshore - Protective and marine coatings - Humidur

Offshore constructions require the most effective anticorrosion treatments as they face extremely corrosive marine, chemical and mechanical conditions.

This includes such structures as:

  • Offshore wind farms
  • Offshore oil rigs
  • FPSOs
  • Offshore platforms
  • Temporary docking stations
  • Tension legs and semi-submersibles
  • Jack-ups
  • Etc

Acotec supplies a wide variety of total applications for such structures as crane booms and towers, tidal and splash zone steel, submerged structures, pipelines and transportation means, floating structures, etc. Offshore working brings a number of challenges, including accessibility, keeping disruption to any activity to a minimum and an exceptionally stringent maintenance safety policy.

Acotec offers durable solutions that keep the requirement for ongoing maintenance to a minimum, while complying with the highest quality standards under an often minimal surface preparation. Moreover, Acotec provides safe and patented equipment to optimize access to structures, including cofferdams, dynamic positioning equipment, rope access, etc.