Marine - Protective and marine coatings - Humidur

The Humidur® product range is specifically designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions, even ALWC and MIC. Acotec has 30 years’ experience of operating in marine conditions, working effectively against biological corrosion. Its coating product has been designed with submersible curing capabilities and works as a one-coat application to minimize the overall cost and duration of treatment. Average product lifetime effectiveness is 50+ years! Acotec is an experienced and professional provider of marine industry anti-corrosion treatment solutions. Backed by several decades of solid expertise, Acotec designs and manufactures DZI Cofferdams for perfect steel cleaning and repair in tandem with coating applications in sometimes harsh conditions.

Humidur® is ideal for harbor and inland marine infrastructure protection. More specific applications include: steel sheet piles, quay walls, tubular piles, bridge columns, lock doors, mooring dolphins, jetties, river embankments, etc. Combining Humidur® coatings with Acotec technology applications is proven to be the most economical solution available on the market today. The life cycle cost confirms its economic and technical benefits over time.