High Quality Standard

High Quality Standard - Protective and marine coatings - Humidur


Humidur® is a two-component solvent-free modified epoxy coating, developed and solely produced by Acotec.

The product was initially developed to stop underwater heavy marine corrosion. Since its first application in 1984,
Humidur® is claim-free until today and stops the corrosion permanently.
Humidur® has a proven track record in highly aggressive and biological environments.

Humidur® shows exceptional results in terms of Life Cycle Costs.

The environment

The Humidur® coatings were developed “avant-la-lettre” with a clear vision towards the future. The coating contains no solvents, no heavy metals, no coal tar and no VOC’s. The product is perfectly safe for the environment.
When the coating cures under water, no leaching occurs! Above all, Humidur® is approved for drinking water structures. As Humidur® is a single layer system, less waste and overspray will be created in the process.

Humidur® benefits

The most important features of the Humidur® coatings are:
  • Two-component modified polyamine cured epoxy coating
  • Environmentally friendly system!!
  • User friendly
  • Single layer system, straight onto the steel, NO PRIMERS REQUIRED
  • Can be applied in one coat up to 2000µm on sharp edges
  • Fast cure at high temperatures
  • Coating is able to cure under water, this means the structure may be immediately submerged after coating application
  • Practical results show perfect adhesion strength of Humidur® with average values > 20MPa!
  • Appropriate for salt, brackish and fresh water, and most chemicals
  • Proven system in practice for submerged areas as well as atmospheric areas
  • Can be applied in a relative humidity up to 90%
  • Can be applied at freezing temperatures
  • Can perform in a wide range of temperatures from -25°C up to 90°C
  • Can be applied by spray, brush or caulking variant

International Norms & Standards

ISO 9001:2008Internal Quality Management
Norsok M-501International acceptance for offshore and oil & gas
ISO 12944Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems — Part 5: Protective paint systems.
ISO 20340Paints and varnishes – Performance requirements for protective paint systems for offshore and related structures
ISO 8501/8502/8503Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products
ISO 2808Determination of film thickness
BAWApproved coating for German Federal Waterways
NIVAInternational drinking water certification
SGSApproved coating system for petrochemicals
AIB VinçotteApproved quality on applied coating
MIL-PRF-4556FApproved coating to apply on structures of Norwegian Defence
BS6920British Standards for drinking water applications
WRASInternational Drinking water approval
PSPC+TNO approval for minimal preparation