Humidur® is the brand of protective and marine coatings developed by Acotec. With 30 years of expertise in anti-corrosion coatings, anti-fouling coatings and top coats,Humidur®; offers solutions to a wide variety of markets: the offshore oil and gas market, petrochemical industry, shipping, marine industry and energy market.

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The Humidur® product range is specifically designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions, even ALWC and MIC. Acotec has 30 years'

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Acotec is the worldwide expert in the fi eld of anti-corrosion technology, providing a complete service from corrosion mechanism and corroded steel in

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Offshore constructions require the most effective anticorrosion treatments as they face extremely corrosive marine, chemical and mechanical cond

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Humidur® is an environmentally safe product for use in highly aggressive chemical and corrosive environments. Humidur® corrosion protection is

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Humidur® comes as a 100% solid and completely environmentally-friendly anti-fouling system to protect vessels and carriers. The Humidur® anti-foulin

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High Quality Standard

BackgroundHumidur® is a two-component solvent-free modified epoxy coating, developed and solely produced by Acotec. The product was initially

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Power Generation

Humidur® has an extended product range suitable for various different energy-generating structures, including:Hydropower penstocks Hydrop

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Not only are the above-mentioned industries served by Acotec, but Humidur®’s extensive product range is widely used for applications in:Drink

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